2023 OORP Awards!

Since 2009, Herrera has been honoring its employees for their exceptional contributions through unique awards that celebrate their distinctive characteristics, commitments, and achievements. This year, we are thrilled to announce the recipients of our Outstanding Employee-Owner Recognition Program (OORP) Awards. These internal accolades, voted on by Herrera staff, highlight the accomplishments of our employee-owners across fourteen categories, each reflecting our firm’s cherished values. Get to know this year’s deserving winners below!

The Recycling Artist - Like those creative geniuses that can turn one person’s trash (or recycling) into an amazing work of art, this person thinks outside the box to find innovative solutions in their projects and around the office. Winner: Erynne van Zee





The Constructed Wetland- This person is incredibly good at cleaning up big messes. Our constructed wetland person functions on multiple levels, solving problems and keeping projects on track. Winner: Rachel Johnson





The Solar Panel- Like the solar panel, these people collect all the sun’s rays and make work happen! They are incredibly productive and awesome at getting stuff done. Winner: Lacy Lackey





The Gardener - Like the gardener who brings fruits, vegetables, and flowers to life, this productive partner brings in a bounty of new work. Winner: Rob Zisette





The Peloton - This person is the ultimate team player and works hard to integrate awesomeness into Herrera culture. Winner: Julianne Chechanover





The Green Roof - This mighty roof component carries a steady load and continues to grow every season, increasing in effectiveness, awesomeness and beauty. Our green roof awardee is a new employee who exemplifies the steady progress and growth of green roof technology. Winners: Tim Clark, Jillian Sullivan, Betsy Lyons





The Rain Garden- Rain gardens are the ultimate multi-functional landscape feature – they treat stormwater, recharge groundwater, and provide wildlife habitat. Like a rain garden, these people are willing to do it all. Winners: Liza Holtz, David Garcia





The Mycorrhiza - Like the symbiotic relationship between trees and fungi, these people work well with others to appropriately give assignments, receive finished pieces, and develop a full and healthy project. Winner: George Ritchotte





The Moose - The Moose stands still and strong when it comes to defending science, what is grounded in fact, and what is right for this earth. Winner: Dylan Ahearn





The Kingfisher - The Kingfisher represents the empathy it takes to not only be a great coworker, but also an excellent client-advocate. This individual always delivers because your success is their success. Winner: Alice Lancaster





The Orca - The Orca is a crafty creature, always finding innovative ways of incorporating environmental ethics into not only our work but also our daily lives. Winners:  Olivia Wright, David Werner





The Raven - The Raven embodies the mentor mentality. Their love of learning is equally shared between their passion for teaching and thirst for more knowledge. Winner: Paul Hobson, Lauren Ode-Giles






The Bee – The Bee is someone quietly buzzing behind the scenes to ensure the seamless functioning of the Herrera hive. Their dedication and collaborative spirit make them a team player we all rely on. Winner: Rick Stewart






The Beaver - The Beaver is a true keystone species at Herrera, shaping the ecosystem of our workplace to enable others to excel in their roles. This exceptional individual embodies the qualities of reliability, support, and an unwavering commitment to doing things the right way, building and reinforcing a thriving and harmonious work environment. Winner: Eric Marshall