Our Commitment

Herrera is committed to fostering a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and accessibility (DEIBA). We acknowledge that this is a journey, not a destination and are working to refine our policies and practices to ensure our actions align with our intentions. Through education, listening, and the development of actionable insights, Herrera continuously strives to create a workplace where all feel welcomed and heard.

We are becoming a company that:
• Prioritizes equity, anti-racism, and environmental justice through the way we operate our business and deliver projects to create thriving communities and a healthy planet.
• Honors the fundamental value and dignity of all to unleash the talents of individuals and spark and sustain positive change.

Supporting WMBE and Small Businesses

Herrera supports the foundation of Minority-Owned, Women-Owned, and Emerging Small Businesses (MWESB) by loaning resources to firms pursuing MWESB certification. We have successfully partnered and collaborated with BIPOC, women, veteran, disabled, and LGBTQ+ owned businesses and vendors, and have a growing list of MWESB firms we regularly engage with as teaming partners. We will continue to expand our list of MWESB partners and to find additional ways of supporting MWESB firms.

Equity and Social Justice in Our Work

Herrera is committed to helping our public and private sector clients create more equitable communities through sustainable environmental solutions. Our team strives to build equity into each project by incorporating community engagement, providing mentorship/share resources to support WMBE firms, and applying equity/community benefits criteria for site/project identification and prioritization. Learn more about equity and social justice efforts in our projects below.

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Volunteer Initiatives

Herrera is proud to support a culture of community service by encouraging group volunteer events and advertising local volunteer opportunities. Our firm provides annual paid time off for staff to participate in volunteer activities of their choosing in service to non-profit organizations and charitable groups. Examples of such activities include volunteering in the classroom, mentoring youth, advocating for social justice issues, stocking food banks, caring for animals in shelters, pollution cleanup, and environmental restoration work.

Giving Back to our Communities

Herrera is dedicated to giving back to our communities, donating annually to charitable causes within our communities that provide tangible positive impacts on people, wildlife, and ecosystems. Herrera’s charitable giving policy is under regular review for ways to improve our outreach in meaningful ways to those organizations whose work and missions we support.

JUST Label

In 2021, Herrera received our JUST label from the International Living Future Institute. This evaluation tool outlines measurable social justice and equity accountabilities, helping Herrera track and share how our actions align with our company values and where we are striving to improve. Herrera continues to utilize the JUST label to identify and refine company policies and practices to better align with our DEIBA goals. In becoming a JUST organization, Herrera is committed to improving social equity and policies, while fostering a culture of corporate transparency.

Introducing Herrera’s JUST Label