Lacy Lackey


As a Civil Engineer, I use science and design to bring applied solutions to everyday problems. I love working with water, because I feel that it’s fundamental to a good relationship between humans and our landscape. Getting out onto site visits is a great way to learn more about communities and landscapes. When I’m not working, I love hiking, cooking, gardening, practicing ancestral skills (like bird language and wildcrafting), practicing Chinese calligraphy, and doing yoga.

B.S. in Civil & Environmental Engineering, Washington State University
Favorite Species:
Puma concolor (the mountain lion). Not because I went to WSU! Cougars are apex predators, so their health is a great ecological indicator. They have a really wide range, so it is likely we have all been near to them at some point (maybe without knowing it?) They are also really neat to track! I have seen two in person, heard them during mating season, and found their scat and tracks.
Hidden Talent:
I can make fire by friction!