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Herrera’s interdisciplinary team of scientists, engineers, and planners blend more than 90 different disciplines to solve complicated problems facing governments, businesses, tribes, and non-profits. Our 100 staff members work in offices across the western United States and in China. We are proud of our reputation for collaboration, innovation, and creative solutions.

Our Services

Practice Areas

waterIntegrated water resource and low-impact development (LID) services for the full lifecycle of public and private projects to meet environmental, technical and regulatory goals.icon-clientJohn Lenth restorationPlanning, assessment, design, construction, and monitoring for ecological restoration, rehabilitation, infrastructure protection, floodplain management and mitigation.icon-client  Mark Ewbank and Jose Carrasquero sust_devSustainable resource management for solid waste and hazardous materials; site and community ecological planning; energy and climate change; and regulatory compliance. icon-client Phil Coughlan

Market Sectors

Public energy regulators and utilities; Energy suppliers; Energy facility developers, owners, and operatorsicon-client Phil Coughlan
US Bureau of Reclamation; National Park Service; NOAA; EPA; US Army Corps of Engineers; USDA Forest Service; GSA; US Fish and Wildlife Service; FHA; FERC; US Department of Energyicon-client Art Campbell
Private Chinese development Corporations; City government agenciesicon-client John Lenth
City and County Governmentsicon-client Carol Slaughterbeck
Land Conservancies; Fishery & Salmon Enhancement Groups; Watershed Councilsicon-client Jeff Parsons
Private developers; Technology providers; Corporationsicon-client Michael Spillane
All state government agenciesicon-client Joy Michaud
City/County/State & Federal transportation; Departments; Transit agencies; Ports; Tribesicon-client Phil Coughlan