Jillian Sullivan

People & Culture Director

My goal in life is to help; my career objective is to do transformative work by partnering with leadership and employees to ensure an environment where everyone feels valued, is treated equitably, and can thrive in their jobs. I am fascinated by people and enjoy learning what makes them tick. Outside of work, I read, listen to true crime podcasts, watch documentaries, cuddle with my fur babies, and hold my loved ones close.

B.A. Psychology, Western Washington University
Favorite Quote:
Favorite Quote: “Equal rights for others does not mean fewer rights for you. It’s not pie.” -Jesse Williams (attributed; unconfirmed)
Favorite Species:
Dogs – specifically bully breeds. They are so misunderstood
Proudest Moment on the Job:
My work often happens behind the scenes and is not always visible to employees, which makes it difficult to see the positive impact I am making. When I left my last job, the outpouring of gratitude and affection made me proud of all that we (me, my team, employees, leadership) accomplished during my tenure. One employee wrote, “Thanks for all your work on many of our initiatives during your time. You contributed a tremendous amount of effort and work in recalibrating our culture in a positive and transformative way. Your contributions on workplace equity, inclusion and the organization’s willingness to lead during a challenging period make me and other staff proud of our workplace, and the roots of positive change are flourishing. Whoever follows you in this role will inherit a better organization than the one you stepped into, thanks to your work.”