Liza Holtz

Landscape Designer

I am a landscape designer and ecologist interested in the planning, design, and management of landscapes that are sustainable, inclusive, and meaningful. I am passionate about empowering local communities to engage with natural areas. I am at my most content outside and enjoy to hike, ski, raft, and fly fish.

B.S. in Natural Sciences, University of Puget Sound
M.L.A. in Landscape Architecture, University of Oregon
Favorite Quote:
“In nature, nothing exists alone.” –Rachel Carson, Silent Spring
Favorite Species:
Adiantum pedatum (Northern maidenhair Fern) because of its elegant and frilly fronds, unique shape supported by delicate stems, and place among the spray of waterfalls and mossy rock outcroppings.
Hidden Talent:
Building fairy furniture.
Proudest Moment on the Job:
Witness a landscape I designed, alive with people recreating, bees buzzing, and plants flowering.