Herrera Announces 2022 Staff Promotions

Herrera is proud to announce our staff promotions for 2022. These individuals have made significant contributions towards our firm’s success and growth. We congratulate our team members on their hard work and look forward to seeing their accomplishments as they take on new roles!

Principal Engineers- Chris Webb, Alice Lancaster, Jeff Parsons, Mary Shanks, Tyson Wright, Heidi Houck 

Principal Scientists- Dylan Ahearn, Ellen McClure, Christina Merten, George Iftner

Spatial Science Director- Jenn Schmidt

Marketing Directors- Melissa Buttin, Jill Patterson

Associate Engineer- Meghan Feller

Senior Scientist- Mindy Fohn

Senior Engineer- Neil Schaner

Project Engineers- Katie Wingrove, Gretchen Kayser

Project ScientistsRiley Plumb, Danielle Rapoza, Nina Maas

Engineers- Matt Fidler, Julianne Chechanover

GIS Analyst- Makie Matsumoto-Hervol

CAD Technician- Chuck Marston

Marketing Specialist- Jordyn White