George Iftner, LG

Senior Environmental Scientist

I grew up playing in the water and sand dunes along Lake Michigan. Early encounters with nature fostered a deep passion for protecting earth and water. I love that my job takes me outdoors daily to manage stormwater, restore abandoned mines, improve industrial sites, and rejuvenate contaminated properties. I enjoy being the facilitator who brings people together to solve complex problems. To ‘relax’ I head into the woods and hills on two legs, two wheels, or a snowboard.

BS, Natural Resources and Soil Science, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Favorite Species
Skunk Cabbage (Lysichiton americanus) because it’s reappearance each year announces the imminent arrival of spring, and it’s intensely wild smell will always draw you to a rich wetland teaming with an abundance of life.
Hidden Talent
Unicycling and juggling, albeit not at the same time…..yet.