LOCH-TOBER Part Two: Lake Marcel

Continuing on with LOCT-TOBER, we are excited to showcase an example of Herrera’s lake management solutions. Three of our lake experts, Katie Sweeney, Tim Clark, and Rob Zisette, share the team's approach to fighting unwanted invaders in a Washington lake.

Picture of Lake Marcel
Photo By Blue Egg Studio

Located in the heart of a picturesque community, Lake Marcel has long been plagued by recurring cyanobacteria blooms and invasive aquatic weeds. Herrera stepped in to build a comprehensive lake cyanobacteria management plan that included: 

Nutrient Control: Identifying nutrient sources using data-driven watershed evaluations and recommending mitigation of those nutrients using proven methods to reduce the influx of phosphorus and nitrogen into Lake Marcel by controlling septic system and agriculture sources, and removing phosphorus from the water column directly, using tried-and-tested inactivation treatments. 

Algae Control: Evaluating eco-friendly treatment options to limit cyanobacteria dominance, reducing risk to public health that included a lake-mixing approach to combat the competitive advantages of cyanobacteria to regulate their buoyancy and move up and down in the water column. 

Water Quality Monitoring: Continuation of regular water quality testing to assess effectiveness of management strategies and detect early signs of cyanobacteria proliferation. 

Community Engagement: Empowering residents and stakeholders to become watershed stewards, use best practices to prevent future blooms, and participate and inform future lake actions. 

The result? A reinvigorated community readying to implement Herrera’s management recommendations as early as next year. We look forward to a restored Lake Marcel to welcome its residents with clear waters, safe for wildlife and recreation. 

Stay tuned for more lake management strategies, stories and achievements!  

Contributing Authors: Rob Zisette, Katie Sweeney and Tim Clark