Cleaning up Carli Creek: An Integrated Approach to Stormwater Management

We are excited that our Carli Creek project is moving into the construction phase! Clackamas County Water Environment Services (WES) acquired a large, formerly agricultural parcel along Carli Creek in the Clackamas River watershed and hoped to use this area to improve water quality in this predominantly industrial basin and enhance habitat in the ...

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Herrera Scientist Contributes to Emerging Noise Attenuation Technology for Pile Driving

Washington State Department of Transportation, University of Washington Department of Mechanical Engineering, and Marine Construction Technologies, the Seattle start-up where Herrera’s Associate Scientist Julie Hampden has been working part-time, recently released a report on the full-scale testing of a new quiet pile technology in Puget Sound. ...

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Good News for Puget Sound Health!

Washington State Department of Ecology has submitted a formal application to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to designate Puget Sound as a No Discharge Zone for vessel sewage.  For the past 4 years Herrera has been working with Ecology and project stakeholders to prepare the technical studies that provide the framework of support for the ...

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Opportunity Ponds Wetland Featured in ‘Reclamation Matters’

The Fall 2013 issue of 'Reclamation Matters', features an article on the Opportunity Ponds Wetland project in Southwest Montana.  Penned by Len Ballek, Senior Ecologist  and Sue Wall, Staff Scientist from the Missoula, Montana office of Herrera, this feature delves into the immense scope and challenges of this large scale restoration effort.   ...

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