Welcome to LOCH-TOBER!

To celebrate the month of October, we are pleased to focus on the fascinating world of freshwater lakes and the challenges they face, particularly from the notorious blue-green menace known as cyanobacteria blooms. At Herrera, we're on a mission to protect and preserve these natural treasures, and we're excited to share our lake-related work and insights!

Cyanobacteria: The Blue-Green Intruders
Freshwater lakes are essential for our well-being, providing recreational spaces, drinking water, and homes for diverse aquatic life. However, the peaceful existence of these lakes is often disrupted by cyanobacteria blooms, also known as blue-green algae. These tiny organisms play a critical role in aquatic ecosystems, but under certain conditions, they can rapidly multiply, forming harmful and unsightly blooms.

Unveiling the Challenges
In this series, we'll uncover the threats posed by cyanobacteria blooms and how they can impact lakes and the surrounding environment. From toxins that pose health risks to disruptions in the delicate balance of freshwater ecosystems and the economic toll on local communities, we'll unravel the multi-faceted challenges these blooms present.

Herrera's Lake Management Solutions
Herrera is at the forefront of lake management strategies, dedicated to developing effective plans to control and mitigate cyanobacteria blooms in various freshwater lakes across Washington state. We're committed to finding innovative ways to restore and maintain the health of these lakes, benefiting both the environment and the communities that rely on them.

Stay tuned as we take you on a journey through our lake management projects, sharing success stories and showcasing our ongoing efforts to combat the cyanobacteria menace. Join us in our mission to preserve the beauty and vitality of our freshwater lakes for generations to come.


Contributing Authors: Rob Zisette, Katie Sweeney and Tim Clark