Rob Zisette Receives the 2023 Secchi Disk Award

RobAs LOCH-TOBER continues, we highlight the achievement of one of our lake experts, Rob Zisette.

Every year, the Washington State Lake Protection Association (WALPA) celebrates the achievements of a member of the organization. The Board of Directors votes on a WALPA membership nominated peer in recognition of their outstanding contribution to science, management, or the protection of lakes in Washington or Idaho.

Rob Zisette has received the Secchi Award this year for his contributions and outstanding work. Throughout his 34 years at Herrera, Rob has championed projects and mentored the next generation of limnologists to success. We are extremely proud to see his contributions to lake science recognized by the WALPA membership and Board.

Man in a lake

“Rob finds both the big picture and fine detail of his work to be equally fascinating, he believes in the value of his work and is committed to it like few others. Rob has always been a huge advocate for our state’s lakes, and I am so very pleased to know that WALPA is acknowledging that with this award.

Congrats Rob!!”

– Joy Michaud, Herrera


To learn more about WALPA and the Secchi Disk Award, visit this link.