Cleaning up Carli Creek: An Integrated Approach to Stormwater Management

We are excited that our Carli Creek project is moving into the construction phase! Clackamas County Water Environment Services (WES) acquired a large, formerly agricultural parcel along Carli Creek in the Clackamas River watershed and hoped to use this area to improve water quality in this predominantly industrial basin and enhance habitat in the creek and in upland areas. Herrera’s engineers, landscape architects, biologists, planners, and modelers were excited to roll up their sleeves and help WES realize their vision. Our design features an integrated stormwater management and restoration project with over 1 acre of mitigation wetland. Our innovative design entailed creation of a new backwater channel; installation of engineered log jam structures within Carli Creek and at its confluence with the Clackamas River to provide grade control, floodplain storage, and habitat; a new stormwater diversion pipeline; incorporation of stormwater treatment within a series of bioretention and constructed wetland cells and swales; and restoration of floodplain forest and oak savanna habitats. Herrera staff also led permitting for this project and will be providing construction oversight during the two-year construction period. Thanks to project team members Whiteshield, who provided survey, and Geotechnics, who provided geotechnical engineering support!