Celebrate Employee Ownership Month with Herrera!

This October Herrera is celebrating Employee Ownership Month- to recognize the benefits of being employee owned!

As of 2020, Herrera is proud to be 100% employee owned through our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).

Herrera’s ESOP provides growth opportunities to Herrera employees while fostering an ownership culture that encourages business education, broad leadership, and input from all levels.

According to Herrera CFO Carol Slaughterbeck, “Employee ownership means that all gains generated accrue to the employees, not to some far-off owner or hedge fund. Employee ownership keeps jobs and decision-making in the communities we serve and builds wealth for retirement across all socioeconomic levels.”

Herrera believes that those who build the company should own a part of it, sharing in both the company’s success and the responsibility for that success. Through Herrera’s Employee Owners Committee, we ensure our values are put into practice each day by educating employees on the benefits, rights, privileges, and responsibilities of employee ownership.

We look forward to continuing our growth as a company, while fostering a culture of employee leadership along the way.