Building Resilience 19

The first Building Resilience conference was held in Cleveland, Ohio last month. Organized by the International Living Future Institute, Building Green, and the Resilient Design Institute, the conference addressed the challenges of resilient design for the built environment, potential solutions, and the need for professionals to elevate their standard of care in the face of climate change. Herrera’s Neil Schaner attended. “Climate change is scary but we must continue to work toward the future we want,” says Neil. Neil shared his experience with colleagues, discussing overarching themes from the conference tied to Herrera-specifics, from operations to project designs; his presentation culminated in a call to action to keep Herrera at the forefront of resilient, appropriate, and sustainable design. We strive to lead by example.


For more information please visit the conference website:

Photo caption: Herrera recently completed Tacoma’s Climate Change Resiliency Study.