Rebecca Dugopolski, PE

Principal Engineer

I grew up in Michigan spending lots of time outdoors exploring, biking, and running. I had excellent math and science teachers in high school and college that inspired my engineering career path. I am the NPDES Permit business line lead at Herrera and also have a background in Limnology. Outside of work, I play Ultimate Frisbee, volunteer as a Beach Naturalist for the Seattle Aquarium, and have weekend adventures with my daughter.

M.S.E. Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Washington
B.S. Environmental Engineering, Michigan Technological University
Favorite Quote:
"You don't get to choose how you're going to die or when. You can only decide how you're going to live." - Joan Baez
Favorite Species:
Quokka – it has a cool name and is a unique marsupial primarily found on a few islands off the coast of Western Australia (where I studied abroad in college).
Proudest Moment on the Job:
Standing ovation after a presentation on the Illicit Connection and Illicit Discharge Field Screening and Source Tracing Guidance Manual to the Eastern Washington Stormwater Coordinators Group. Feedback from participants in the Illicit Connection and Illicit Discharge Field Screening training in Western Washington that it was the best training that they had ever attended.