San Juan County Shore Cumulative Effects Evaluation Project Underway

Herrera is currently collaborating with San Juan County to complete their first shoreline cumulative effects evaluations (CEE). The CEE combine GIS and qualitative data analyses with targeted site visits to identify the effects of permitted shoreline activities on the functions and values of the shoreline environment. This information will help inform the County’s Shoreline Master Program (SMP) by identifying possible strategies for improving shoreline permitting processes, development regulations, and programs.

Per the SMP and state requirements, San Juan County must complete a CEE every four years. Herrera’s work on the first iteration of the CEE will help refine the project methodology into a process that can be efficiently replicated for years to come.

Herrera looks forward to continuing our work with the County to promote more resilient shorelines across Puget Sound. Please contact Jenn Schmidt, GISP for more information on this project.