Black Pine Mine Reclamation

We are reducing metals contamination potential and reclaiming mine sites, including the Black Pine Mine site near Phillipsburg, MT. For this multiple-year project, we led site investigation and characterization of mine waste. The over a 1,000-acre site had multiple mill sites with mercury contaminated tailings, waste rock, and mine structures. We performed synoptic sampling along South Fork Lower Willow Creek to determine potential inputs for metals contaminant loading.  With Montana DEQ, we developed several reclamation alternatives and presented them to the public and stakeholders. A preferred alternative was selected, and we developed a reclamation design that included waste removal and placement in an onsite repository and restoration of the South Fork Lower Willow Creek floodplain.  We performed construction oversight, including the use of unmanned aerial systems for measurement and payment of quantities. We are currently monitoring revegetation, surface water, and groundwater at the site.


Project Details