Introducing Herrera’s JUST Label

As of 2021, Herrera Environmental Consultants is proud to introduce our JUST label. A program of the International Living Future Institute, this evaluation tool outlines measurable social justice and equity accountabilities, helping Herrera track and share how our actions align with our company values and where we are striving to improve.

In becoming a JUST organization, Herrera is committed to improving social equity and policies, while fostering a culture of corporate transparency. Our firm remains dedicated to creating a roadmap that enhances employee engagement and experience while aligning our business decisions with our values. In addition to creating a culture built on diversity, inclusion, and equity, Herrera aims to advance our existing community stewardship practices through volunteer opportunities, education, and giving.

Herrera looks forward to continuing our efforts in creating a socially restorative organization for the benefit of our team and our community.