Herrera’s Work with City of Bainbridge Island to Provide Stormwater Solutions

In January 2022, the City of Bainbridge Island selected Herrera to develop the City’s Stormwater System Plan. The last comprehensive stormwater and surface water planning effort involved the development of the City’s 2001 Surface Water Management Plan. Through this project, Herrera will identify recommendations for the City’s stormwater management program, develop asset management and mapping recommendations, and prioritize stormwater infrastructure asset improvement projects. The updated plan will also assess current and potential future impacts of climate change.

Herrera is currently assisting the City of Bainbridge Island on two related efforts: the Watershed Assessment, Design, and Funding for the Manzanita Watershed and the City’s Stormwater Management Action Plan (SMAP) Receiving Water Inventory and Basin Prioritization. The final SMAP documentation will be prepared along with the Stormwater System Plan project.

Herrera looks forward to continuing our work with the City of Bainbridge Island throughout 2022, providing the community with holistic approaches to sustainable stormwater solutions.