Herrera to Collaborate with WA DNR on Strawberry Bay Restoration

Herrera is excited to continue our relationship with the Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR) by providing ecological restoration, water resources, and permitting support for the restoration of Strawberry Bay on Cypress Island.

Our project partners include PowerTek Surveying, a local business with expertise in land surveying, and Cultural Resource Consultants (CRC), a certified women-owned, small business providing cultural resources expertise.

The project site, located in Strawberry Bay on the west shore of Cypress Island, was acquired by DNR for inclusion into the Cypress Island Natural Resources Conservation Area (NRCA). Spanning over 5,200 acres, Cypress Island aims to protect native ecological environments while providing recreational opportunities to the public.

Herrera has a history working within the Cypress Island NRCA site. Back in 2011, Herrera collaborated with DNR on the restoration Of Secret Harbor, which is located on the southeast shore of the Island. The project entailed salt marsh and estuary restoration and trail and access planning.

Our team looks forward to restoring and preserving the Island’s unique ecology and shoreline geology to help DNR with their mission toward environmental resiliency.