Herrera Renews Just Label for 2023-2025

Herrera is proud to introduce our renewed Just 2.0 Label! Developed by the International Living Future Institute, this evaluation tool helps organizations outline measurable social justice and equity accountabilities to optimize policies for improved employee engagement.

Herrera introduced our Just label in 2021, helping to evaluate, track, and share how our firm’s actions align with our company values and where we are striving to progress. By establishing measurable goals, highlighting areas to improve, and creating accountabilities, Herrera continues to refine our policies, while fostering a culture of transparency with our staff, partners, and communities.

Following Herrera’s evaluation of our 2021 label, our firm implemented several policy changes, including paid volunteer time to each employee, restructuring our approach to annual charitable giving, and shifting our purchasing habits to support local businesses owned by traditionally disadvantaged people.

Through our renewal, Herrera will continue to utilize our Just label as a framework for evaluating and adjusting our policies and practices to make Herrera a more equitable workplace for all.

Click here to learn more about our updated label and see our current stats.