Invasive Species

Escape from the Net-Pen: the Atlantic Salmon

Recent news  has been filled with discussions of Atlantic salmon in the Pacific Northwest. After the unintentional release of over 260,000 Atlantic salmon from net pens near Cypress Island in Puget Sound occurred last August, public outcry caused an increase focus on the controversial use of net-pens in Washington State. Last month, a bill ...

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Blackberry – Friend or Foe

Blackberries have become a sign of summer in the Pacific Northwest, and it is not uncommon to spot the delighted traveler stopped on the side of the road happily gathering a bounty to make their next jam or pie. However, for those of us working in the field, there are few sights less pleasant than a stand of impenetrable blackberries. Field crew ...

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Don’t Move a Mussel

Don’t move a mussel! Although a clever and catchy phrase, the magnitude of the message directed towards educating recreational boaters cannot be overstated. Until recently, the Pacific Northwest was one of the few areas safe from this costly invasive species. In the fall of 2016, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) found microscope ...

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