Rachel Johnson and George Richotte Present at APWA Spring Conferences

Rachel Johnson and George Richotte are presenting on sea level rise and coastal resilience at the APWA WA 2024 Spring Conference.

Photo of Rachel in the field

The presentation, “Advancing Infrastructure Resilience in Washington's State Parks”, is based on Rachel and George’s working work to better understand and prepare for sea level rise in Washington’s state parks.  

Presentation Summary: Washington's state parks include some of the region's most visited and valued landscapes and habitats, historic places, and cultural sites. However, these places include a complex range of infrastructure - buildings, utilities, and amenities - that are being impacted by flooding and erosion intensified by sea level rise. Herrera supported the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission in analyzing the vulnerability of coastal infrastructure by combining geospatial analysis (sea level rise, storm surge, and wave runup models), field mapping, and ground truthing to assess projected timelines for impacts to infrastructure. In addition, Herrera developed an interactive GIS-based screening tool to pinpoint and prioritize infrastructure adaptation opportunities. 

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