Mark Ewbank, PE

Vice President, Restoration Practice Director

I am an environmental engineer specializing in stream and river restoration, floodplain management, and watershed management. I have the pleasure of working with diverse clients and project teams that draw upon the skills of ecologists, geomorphologists, spatial data analysts, hydrologists, hydraulic modelers, planners, engineers, and construction experts to solve complex problems where the built environment and natural world intersect. I am constantly energized and inspired in these collaborative efforts, and always learning from them.

B.S. Civil Engineering, University of Illinois
M.S. Civil/Environmental Engineering, University of Washington
Favorite Species:
Western red cedar (thuja plicata), because of its enormous effect on our native Pacific Northwest landscape, ecology, and the people that have lived here, including us all to this day. It reminds me of our temporary time on this earth and why we should protect it, and it provides long-lasting and multi-purpose construction material for a variety of the stream and river restoration projects we work on.
Hidden Talent:
Homebrewing that yields some(times) tasty results.