Dylan Anslow, PLA

Landscape Architect

Person posing

I am a landscape architect with a background in interdisciplinary environmental science. I love getting to learn new things as part of my job and look forward to working closely with engineers and scientists. As a plant nerd, I love designing spaces that simultaneously improve people’s lives and connections with nature, and also strengthen habitat. On the weekends you can find me running in the woods with my dog Phoebe, biking, or baking.

Master of Landscape Architecture, Harvard University Graduate School of Design
M.S. Earth Systems, Stanford University
B.S. Earth Systems, Stanford University
Hidden Talent:
I can always pick the perfect sized Tupperware for leftovers.
Favorite Species & Why:
Apis mellifera - my mom and I started keeping bees together in 2018 and we harvest our own honey every year.