Talking Data Visualization at Metis

Last week Herrera’s Ondrej Sklenar was a guest speaker at Metis’ Data Science Bootcamp. Presenting Data Solutions for Urban Challenges, Ondrej highlighted examples of how big data can be used to make our cities function more efficiently. After running through case studies focusing on data analytics and visualization, the group discussed how data scientists can work with engineers to solve urban challenges that are currently out of reach. As Ondrej explains, “Data visualization enables us to take large quantities of data, find insights within it, and visually communicate an interesting story. The visual element is key, as it enables the audience to grasp concepts that they would not understand from numbers alone.”

More about Ondrej Sklenar, PE: Ondrej Sklenar is a professional civil engineer specializing in water resources and site development at Herrera. He is passionate about using data visualization, mapping and graphic design tools in explaining and solving complex built environment challenges. Ondrej holds a B.S. in Engineering Science from the University of Virginia and a M.S. in Sustainable Urban Management from Malmo University, Sweden. LinkedIn: