Real Change for the Long Term

In light of the legitimate anger erupting over the murder of George Floyd and our Country’s ongoing social justice issues, we have been reflecting on our personal, social, and community responsibilities and values.  We stand with those that have suffered from systemic racism and inequality and feel a sense of frustration that our society has not made progress on correcting it. So, as a company we are going to focus on taking some immediate actions, and then look more broadly at putting in place real change for the long term. Our principle going forward will be “Actions speak louder than words.”

Starting immediately, we will:

  1. Review and make policy changes to integrate JUST principles into our Company policies and practices.
  2. Match employee donations to Black Lives Matter and related organizations up to a total of $5,000. This is addition to the charitable contributions the employees direct every year.
  3. Re-emphasize our outreach, recruiting, and hiring practices to diverse communities.
  4. Provide access to seminars and educational information about social justice movements.
  5. Initiate a protocol to support minority-owned businesses with our purchases.
  6. Link to resources to educate ourselves and each other on the roots of injustice.
  7. Have a moment of silence at meetings and other gatherings to reflect on those killed or oppressed.

As Herrera employee-owners we also remind ourselves of the core values that guide our Company. Herrera is managed to a triple bottom line. This means our business decisions and how we conduct ourselves are driven not only by profit, but also by our passion for environmental stewardship, and our community values. Herrera supports the rights and dignity of persecuted or disenfranchised people and we are committed to treat each other and our community members with respect and dignity. Always.