Herrera’s Corporate Values

Herrera is managed to a triple bottom line. This means our business decisions and how we conduct ourselves are driven not only by profit, but also by our community values and our passion for environmental stewardship. Herrera supports the rights and dignity of persecuted or disenfranchised people, we support the use of science to inform policy decisions, and we are dedicated to the health of our environment.

Herrera’s core values and mission as a company are:

Contribute Positively to Our Communities and Environment
1. Insist on integrity, objectivity, and environmental ethics in our work.
2. Manage the company to a triple bottom line: financial, environmental, and community
3. Donate a percentage of our profits to public service through donated time or resources.
4. Encourage sustainable solutions whenever feasible

Cultivate a Professional, Enriching, Cohesive, and Caring Work Environment
1. Use the power of teamwork.
2. Attract and retain highly capable professionals.
3. Treat each other, and our clients, with respect and dignity

Our company was founded by Cuban refugees; our country is built on the backs of immigrants. We stand together as a business, as a community, and as stewards of the environment upon which we all depend.

Board of Directors, Herrera Environmental Consultants, Inc.