Herrera to Collaborate with SPU on South Transfer Station Phase 2 Design

Herrera looks forward to continuing our work with Seattle Public Utilities to provide design, permitting, bidding, and construction support on the South Transfer Station Phase 2 (STS2) project. This work is part of SPU’s effort to upgrade services at South Transfer Station (STS) that was built across the street from the old South Recycling and Disposal Station (SRDS) and opened in early 2013. The old SRDS site, is over 11 acres in size and will be improved to remediate the old landfill in accordance with the South Park Landfill Consent Decree, construct a trailer canopy, relocate an existing crew facility, and complete perimeter improvements.  

Herrera’s work at the transfer station site began in 2000 when our team assisted City of Seattle in preparing a proposal for the establishment of STS on the South Park Landfill site. Twenty-two years later, our team continues to work on the site, developing options for facility demolition, final landfill closure, and site redevelopment. Throughout the design process, Herrera has determined how the closed landfill and related landfill gas (LFG) and cover system issues would affect proposed site layouts, in addition to programming through 30% design.  

As we continue our work at the South Transfer Station, Herrera will focus on landfill redevelopment, permitting, stormwater quality, environmental services, design management, and construction oversight. Please contact Mary Shanks for more information on this project.