Dr. Jim’s Lofts outdoor space on upcomging AIA Creative Infill Design Tour

A self-guided tour sponsored the American Institute of Architects’ Portland Chapter features eight urban infill developments that will happen on Oct. 11 in and around Portland.   The tour features “prime examples of custom urban infill projects designed in harmony with inner Portland neighborhoods.”   One notable project is Dr. Jim’s Lofts by Architect Brett Schulz for innovative Portland developer Kevin Cavenaugh from Guerrilla Development.  The building during construction (and prior to opening up the truss structure).

Before Shot of the building

From the recent DJC Article:

“After …Cavenaugh… purchased a century-old former horse barn in Southeast Portland, he decided to convert the industrial-style building with no windows and 24-foot-tall ceilings into four residential lofts.  The challenge included peeling away a portion of the roof to create a central courtyard that lets light inside.  “It’s fun because it’s an experiment,” said Cavenaugh, a designer. “It was more about: Can anybody live in here? Can I make this thing habitable?”  Now the building, called Dr. Jim’s Lofts, is where Cavenaugh and his family call home.”

An image of the completed courtyard shortly after planting.   This  small but engaging landscape design by Senior Landscape Architect Jason King of Herrera will be on the tour, the courtyard space from Dr. Jim’s Lofts project (by Architect Brett Schulz and innovative Portland developer Kevin Cavenaugh from Guerrilla Development).  Cavenaugh asked King to design a space that complemented the open truss structure, featured low-maintenance landscaping that allowed for both private and social spaces for the residents.

Courtyard After with Open Truss


Coda:  The Ocean

King also contributed to site and landscape design for another innovative rehab project by Guerrilla Development – the Ocean, a microretail development in Portland as well.  A few pics of this project are below, including the and outdoor seating courtyard for retail restaurants(above)  private residential courtyard (below).  Kevin and his family lived her for the last few years before relocating to the new digs at Dr. Jims.  This project is also the subject of a documentary film underway – can’t wait to see that.