You can recycle that?

Welcome to our “You can recycle that?” blog series where Herrera provides tips on how to recycle some “hard to recycle” items.

First up –  granola bar and energy bar wrappers. We spend a lot of time in the field and traveling across the Pacific Northwest attending meetings and visiting project sites. We eat a lot of granola bars and energy bars!

Herrera recycles granola bar and energy bar wrappers through Terracycle. Clif Bar sponsors the recycling program, so it is free to ship the wrappers for recycling and they also accept foil-lined wrappers from other granola bar and energy bar companies. It may seem like 1 or 2 granola bar wrappers per day wouldn’t add up to much, but since March 2016, Herrera has collected and recycled over 6,000 wrappers!

According to the brigade website, Terracycle is not currently accepting new applications for granola bar and energy bar wrapper drop-off stations (they currently have 14,500 across the country), but you still have a few options:

  • Add your name to the Clif Bar waitlist and see if a spot opens up
  • Bring your wrappers to Herrera when you stop by for a meeting
  • Find a Clif Bar booth at a local fair or festival – they typically have a jar on hand to collect your wrappers for recycling