Yashvi Patel

Environmental Engineer

I’m a passionate environmentalist and a firm believer that true and long-lasting change begins from your doorstep. I hail from the era and land where life without single-use plastics existed, so I’m hopeful that this problem can be solved. At Herrera, I get to work with a team of brilliant, dedicated, and innovative minds on all things environment which makes the job so much easier. Outside work- I love to hike, go on road trips and read.

M.S. Environmental Engineering, University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill
B.S. Civil Engineering, Nirma University, India
Favorite Quote:
“It’s only a straw”- said 8 billion people
Favorite Species:
Homo Sapiens- It is awe-inspiring just how far humans have come and how far we are yet to go!
Hidden Talent:
Finding dirt-cheap flight tickets.