Shelby Petro, PWS

Senior Wetland Scientist & Permitting Specialist

I conduct wetland and ordinary high water delineations, habitat assessments, and surveys for special-status plant and wildlife species; prepare delineation reports, mitigation plans, and ESA/NEPA/SEPA documents; and coordinate with local, state, and federal agencies and tribes to obtain permits and approvals for project compliance with a variety of environmental regulations. When I’m not working, I enjoy backpacking or skiing in the mountains, riding long distances on my bicycle, gardening, or renovating my house.

MS, Environmental Science and Management, University of California, Santa Barbara
BS, Biology, Indiana Wesleyan University
Certificate in Wetland Science and Management, University of Washington
Favorite Species
Procyon lotor/Raccoon. Who doesn’t love those little hands?
Proudest Moment on the Job
Climbing to the top of a 212-foot-tall GE 1.5 MW wind turbine and looking around at the other 125 turbines, the results of four years of field surveys, reporting, and permitting successes come to life in the desert!