Scott Shumway

Environmental Technician

Employee Headshot

Learning is especially important to me. I actively look for opportunities to grow from anyone that is willing to indulge me or any situation I may face. As an employee at Herrera, I have been given many chances to partake in this practice through my co-workers and/or through the projects we work on. Outside of work I am an avid fan of all the Seattle area professional sports teams. My favorite team is the Mariners.

AA in Environmental Technology and Sustainable Practices, Cascadia College
BS in Environmental Science, Western Washington University 
Favorite Quote:
"Life is not the amount of breaths you take, it's the moments that take your breath away." Quote from the movie Hitch.
Favorite Species & Why:
My favorite animal is the Giant Tortoise. They are so awe inspiring when you see them in person, and I love the various myths different cultures have about them. When I turned 18, I even got a tattoo of the world turtle with the world tree on its back on my shoulder in a PNW art style. There is a special reason why I got this tattoo and if you are curious, I would be happy to tell you why.