Nigel Baummer


During college, I was fortunate enough to intern at a landfill. My “engineering internship” included testing dirt, avoiding seagulls after lunch hour, holding down geomembrane while front loaders pushed rocks over my feet… and I loved it! Herrera allows me to pursue my trashy passions alongside some of the best in the industry. Outside of work, I’m either testing out solid waste puns, exploring the PNW, or spending way too much time on my bicycle.

B.S. Geological Engineering/B.S. Geology & Geoscience, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Favorite Quote:
“Don’t give up the ship” -James Lawrence
Favorite Species:
Great Blue Heron. Growing up rowing and kayaking in Maryland, it was always a treat to come across these majestic creatures, especially in the peaceful solitude of a calm creek. The heron’s patience while searching for pray contrasted with its aggressive strike is truly a sight to behold.
Proudest Moment on the Job:
Being told by King County Operations Staff during a 90% Design for the South County Recycling and Transfer Station that they are going to like the new facility. Operations are the folks who run the facility day in and day out, and receiving their nod of approval makes the hard work worth it.