Matt Klara, PE

Senior Engineer

My love for rivers and fish stems from a childhood spent around trout streams. My career is founded in that love, and focused on stream and watershed restoration. I work with rivers in hopes of leaving places better than I found them. Hydrology, hydraulics, geomorphology, biology, chemistry, sociology, and engineering are my tools. Each effort is unique. Off the clock, I find great joy in fly fishing, skiing, birding, gardening, cooking, family time, and attempting to play the guitar.

M.S. Civil Engineering, Montana State University, Bozeman
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Minor in Mathematics, Virginia Tech

Favorite Quote:
"Don’t tell fish stories where the people know you; but particularly, don’t tell them where they know the fish." - Mark Twain
Proudest Moment on the Job:
During a week of field recon field work in the winter of 2008, my field partner and I rescued a golden retriever that had been stuck in the muddy edge of a riparian wetland for 2 nights of sub-freezing temps.