Joanna Curran, PhD, PE, LG

Geomorphologist and Engineer

My goal is to improve aquatic ecosystems through better geomorphic health. I focus on the forces driving sediment and water movement which in turn shape channel form. I understand the geologic influences that drive how long acting forces continue to affect a watershed, and engineering concepts that help communities improve and preserve a healthy river and adjacent infrastructure. At Herrera I work with people who also value solutions developed by teams of engineers and scientists who engage with their fields through continued learning and skill development.

PhD, Geomorphology and Environmental Engineering, The Johns Hopkins University
MS, Geological Sciences, University of Texas at Austin
BS, Environmental Engineering, The Johns Hopkins University
Favorite Quote
Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.
- Frank Zappa
Proudest Moment on the Job
When I was interviewed by the New York Times about the need to consider the increased potential for flooding during urban expansion and growth within a watershed.