Jack Brown


Coming from New Hampshire, I feel at home in the PNW climate; but get to enjoy more exciting terrain for mountain biking and skiing. Growing up in a privileged family allowed me to think about what kind of career impact I wanted to have. With ecological threats looming large, I recognized that preserving and restoring habitat was of utmost importance. When I learned how certain watershed management strategies, such as re-forestation and green infrastructure can create habitat while purifying and storing the most essential ingredient for life, I knew that I had found a resonant career path. Here at Herrera, I apply my background in engineering and passion for design towards building green infrastructure into the urban realm in hopes of raising people’s appreciation of and sense of connection to the fundamental systems of nature we depend on.

B.E. Mechanical Engineering, Dartmouth College
Hidden Talent:
Mushroom foraging.
Favorite Species:
Frogs – catching them was my favorite past-time as a wee-lad.