Alex Svendsen

Water Resources Specialist

I enjoy working in many different fields, including hydrology and stream/river gaging, water quality sampling and monitoring, overseeing alum applications to reduce toxic algae blooms in our local lakes, habitat surveys, BIBI sampling, surveying, abandoned mine assessments, and erosion control/construction management. I consider myself to be a true environmentalist and enjoy working towards a more sustainable future. I spend my spare time with my wife and two daughters. When I get the chance, I enjoy fly fishing, split boarding, backpacking, etc.

MS, Forestry, University of Washington
BS, Geography, University of Utah
Favorite Species
Steelhead - it’s the (Washington) state fish and by far the most challenging and exhilarating fish to catch with a fly. I’m in awe of their ability to survive both freshwater and marine environments on top of the fact that they are iteroparous. Unfortunately, their numbers are in steep decline, with many subspecies imperiled or extinct…we have our work cut out to save this precious fish species.
Hidden Talent