SFPUC’s Green Infrastructure Typical Details Update Now Available

For over a decade, Herrera has worked closely with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) to develop and update SFPUC’s Green Infrastructure (GI) Typical Details and Specifications which helps developers, engineers, and architects incorporate performance-based green infrastructure into site design and comply with code requirements.

This comprehensive GI detail set provides design professionals with a guide for selecting and implementing GI best management practices (BMPS) in accordance with City regulations. BMPs include permeable pavements, bioretention basins/curb bulbs/planters, biofiltration swales, drywells, interface with utilities/infrastructure, and other stormwater management methods.

As of this year, our team is pleased to see the third iteration of typical detail updates become available to the public. These refinements are based on lessons learned both locally and nationally while aligning with regional and national standards.

Herrera considered information from maintenance staff, frequently asked questions, and missed requirements to revise typical details for improved GI functionality. With our knowledge of green infrastructure BMPs constantly evolving, our team will continue to update SFPUC’s typical details to reflect lessons learned. Herrera looks forward to continuing our work with SFPUC to keep San Francisco at the forefront of GI implementation in California. Please contact Chris Webb or Colleen Mitchell for more information on this project.