Ride in the Rain Challenge

November in the Pacific Northwest means rain, and lots of it. That’s why Washington Bikes organizes the Ride in the Rain Challenge every November, a fun and free competition to encourage friends and colleagues to experience firsthand the joys and benefits of riding a bike, even in the rain. The idea of the challenge is to turn a common barrier to biking (inclement weather) on its head and celebrate biking during the rainiest month of the year.

Here at Herrera we specialize in everything wet – stormwater, rivers, wetlands, lakes – so of course we rose to the challenge! A team of 17 Herrera cyclists took to the pavement in Seattle, Bellingham, and Portland. To keep us motivated, we challenged our friends at Shannon & Wilson to see who could ride more miles (loser buys beer). On December 1, both teams gathered at Fremont Brewing Company to celebrate the end of the dark, rainy month. Team Herrera logged 2,287 miles while Team Shannon & Wilson logged 1,323 miles. Thank you to Shannon & Wilson riders for the motivation, friendly competition, and of course, the beverages!

Great job, everyone! Give yourself a soggy pat on the back.

Team Herrera results:
Kris Lepine, 311 miles
Mark Ewbank, 226
Shelby Petro, 215
Bruce Carpenter, 204
Jeff Parsons, 171
Dylan Ahearn, 151
Brenda Peterson, 140
Neil Schaner, 129
Rayna Gleason, 128
Rob Zisette, 112
Gretchen Kayser, 93
Kate Forester, 92
Kristen Matsumura, 90
Adam Lee, 68
Colleen Mitchell, 68
George Ritchotte, 57
Chris Webb, 34