Redmond Senior and Community Center Opens to the Public

The Redmond Senior and Community Center opened on May 6th, 2024. Herrera has been working on this project since 2021, responsible for all site civil engineering design and environmental permitting support.

We are excited to see this project open to the public and provide an enjoyable and accessible space for all. Some key Herrera-design features of the project include:

  • Stormwater runoff treatment from vehicular surfaces is achieved with a series of biofiltration swales that also provide enhanced treatment of runoff from a parking garage adjacent to the project.
  • The design and location of the building minimizes impacts to the environmentally sensitive area adjacent to the Sammamish River, with careful consideration of plantings, lighting, and pavements.

Neil Schaner, PE

Neil Schaner, PE, Herrera’s project manager and design engineer, shares his reflections on the project:

“Though there were challenges, and often due to them, this project was fun and rewarding. As a part of the design-build team, led by Opsis Architecture, Herrera feels a lot of pride for having worked on a building with outsized civic importance. The building itself is appropriate, beautiful, and functional, incorporating a long list of community-desired elements. The location next to the Sammamish River and within Redmond’s municipal campus created the challenges we enjoyed tackling. LEED and Salmon-Safe ratings are in the works, which are a great way to advertise how well the team performed. I hope Redmond enjoys the building and the spaces surrounding it.” - Neil Schaner, PE

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