Reclamation at Troy Mine

Our client Hecla Mining Company produced this great video showing reclamation progress work at Troy Mine in Lincoln County, Montana. The closed silver mine operated on and off from the 1970’s until closure in 2012. Herrera prepared a Revegetation Plan for establishment of native forest communities on the closed site and the nearby regraded tailings storage facility (TSF). Herrera performed revegetation services for 167 acres of the facility which included planting over 70,000 trees. We wrote specifications for salvaging existing trees from soil stockpiles and provided oversight for the salvage of 130 trees to be used to provide patches of larger trees on the revegetation site. The professional design, oversight and quality assurance provided by Herrera ensured that the 2017 TSF Revegetation Project met the goals and requirements of Hecla and the regulating agencies and will result in a self-sustaining native forest community.