Puget Sound ‘No Discharge Zone’ in the News

A recent NPR story ‘Boat Sewage in The Puget Sound?  The Department of Ecology Says No More?’  from September 27th highlights the work Herrera was been working on with WA Department of Ecology to declare Puget Sound a No Discharge Zone (NDZ), where releases of sewage, both treated and untreated, from marine vessels would be prohibited.    From another recent story in the Kitsap Sun,

…top officials in the state Ecology Department decided to petition the EPA for the designation, according to Amy Jankowiak, an environmental specialist leading the effort for Ecology. A draft petition, which would justify the need for the designation, is expected to be ready for public review by the end of the year, she said.

Herrera has been conducting research into the feasibility of establishing an NDZ in the Puget Sound.  We are focused on water quality issues and assets that could be jeopardized by these discharges., as well as evaluation of the character of vessel discharges, the adequacy of pump out facilities and the costs and benefits of NDZ establishment.  The report of these findings is available on the Ecology website here.   We are continuing to support Ecology on the next phase of this project.