The SR 167 Completion Project is one of two large projects comprising WSDOT’s Puget Sound Gateway Program. The purpose of the Phase 1 Improvements is to improve regional mobility of the transportation system to serve multimodal local and port freight movement between the Puyallup termini of SR 167, SR 410, and SR 512, as well as the I-5 corridor, the SR 509 freeway, and the Port of Tacoma. The purpose of this report is to identify and describe wetlands and streams in the study area within Pierce County, Fife, and Milton. Wetland biologists evaluated field conditions by traversing the study area and noting wetlands, streams, and other aquatic features. Twenty-three (23) wetlands covering 98.44 acres were identified within the study area. Wetlands in the study area typically provide a moderate level of hydrologic and water quality functionality, and a low level of habitat for wildlife.