Secret Harbor Salt Marsh and Estuary Restoration

Herrera to prepared a comprehensive feasibility study for Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR), with design restoration features and corrective actions, prepare monitoring plans, and provide permitting assistance for the restoration of the estuary at Secret Harbor on Cypress Island, Washington. The property is located within the Cypress Island Natural Resource Conservation Area and Aquatic Reserve, one of the largest areas of its kind in the state. The objectives for the Secret Harbor Salt Marsh and Estuary Restoration project that were met included: 1) restored hydrologic connection and nearshore processes to the estuary and adjacent freshwater wetlands and streams, and 2) provided a continuum of upland, riparian, freshwater, and salt water habitats within this 28 acre site. The feasibility study included a limiting factors analysis, physical suitability analysis, ecological suitability, wetland analysis, and cost evaluation.

Design documents were provided to the DNR for: 1) 35% (permit level design), 2) 65%, 3) 95% and 4) Final drawings and specification for the preferred alternative. The permitting portion of the project included assistance and permit level drawings which met the requirements of the various permitting agencies that use the Joint Aquatic Resources Permit Application (JARPA) Form. The project was constructed in the summer of 2013.