Basin planning is inherently complex and uncertain. The interactions of physical, atmospheric, chemical, biological, climate, social, political, economic, and regulatory issues all influence the effectiveness of basin management. For over 20 years, Herrera has been a leader in water resources science and engineering, and we pride ourselves on using cutting-edge tools and informed planning processes to create practical, holistic, implementable, and effective basin plans for a range of state and local agencies. Herrera’s staff of over 100 professionals includes a diverse set of in-house experts experienced in all aspects of basin management, with in-depth technical and policy expertise in the areas of water quality, stormwater management, green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) aquatic and terrestrial biology, and geomorphology. This diversity of in-house expertise allows us to seamlessly integrate planning, modeling, water quality assessment, habitat, hydrology, policy, outreach, etc. throughout each stage of our projects.