Waste and Materials Management Projects

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By managing and minimizing materials that are toxic, difficult to recycle and compost, or require extraordinary use of resources, we can effectively reduce greenhouse gases (which contribute to climate change), conserve energy and other resources, benefit the economy, and improve community health. Herrera offers an adaptable suite of planning and engineering services for managing waste materials that covers the full spectrum from prevention to diversion and disposal. Our services include, for example: facility and system alternatives development, design from concept through construction bid documents, permitting and environmental compliance, construction management, and post-construction monitoring and management. Our work covers landfills (including site utilities and cover, stormwater, leachate, and gas systems), transfer stations, and recycling and composting facilities. We have developed and implemented innovative, zero-waste plans, using thorough analyses, lifecycle costing, and diversion modeling tailored to our clients’ unique infrastructure and community. And, we excel at synthesizing program and facility planning and design to reduce waste, increase cost savings, extend facility life, optimize operational efficiencies, and enhance overall sustainability.