Modeling Workshop (For Floodplains That Is)

A river is a thing of beauty but less so when she bursts her banks. Don’t miss “Practical Tools and Guidelines for Effective Floodplain Studies” at this year’s Association of State Floodplain Managers Conference in Seattle. Herrera’s own Senior Water Resources Engineer, Ian Mostrenko will be co-instructing with Reinaldo Garcia.

Date: Sunday June 1st (1:00 – 5:00)

Location: Washington State Convention Center in Seattle

Fee: $40.00

Instructors: Reinaldo Garcia, PhD (Director of Model Development, Hydronia, LLC) and

Ian Mostrenko, (Senior Water Resource Engineer, Herrera Environmental Consultants).


Get the essential tools you need to get up to speed in two-dimensional hydraulic modeling quickly and effectively. Take advantage of a unique hands-on experience to learn how to setup a complete 2D flooding application using RiverFLO-2D model, and gather clear guidelines that every floodplain specialist should know for successful 2D hydraulic modeling.

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How to Register

To register for the event, please complete this form with your name clearly printed at the top of the page, and return to [email protected] or FAX to 608-828-6319.